Moodada 链问
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IOS Testnet
April. 4 2019
Android Testnet
April. 4 2019
Example of a Large-Scale Decentralized Collaboration

Blockchain Revolution is all about collaboration. The blockchain revolution is all about collaboration, and MooDada is an example of how easy it is to collaborate on a large scale using MOAC technology!

Stores of Time Sensitive Information

Be it a realtime match score of a Champions League game, or the best place in Stadium to wait for Stephen Curry's signature, you can always find an answer here in Moodada. Also, if you know the answer to the question, you can earn yourself a chicken dinner as well.

Real Decentralized

  • A complete blockchain wallet: supports MOAC coin, ERC token, and MicroChain tokens.
  • No fees for end-user: no token is needed to start to use the DApp.
  • No Backend: all information is on-chain and transparent.
  • No Centralized Admin: arbitration and management is done through the community with token incentive.

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