The MOAC Platform:
Advancing Performance with Layered Multi-Blockchain
Architecture For Enhanced Smart Contracting
April 17, 2018 Xinle Yang1, Xiaohu David Chen1, Ryan Wang1

The company MOAC Blockchain Tech, Inc. (MOAC) has released a next generation blockchain platform. With a pioneering Multi-Blockchain architecture, MOAC not only addresses the performance and cost issues with existing blockchain systems, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also introduces new features that minimize the barrier to entry for developers, users, businesses, and the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem. The new platform achieves this by using a layered Multi-Blockchain architecture, blockchain sharding, MicroChain™ Smart Contracts, and Cross-Chain capabilities.

The underlying architecture of the MOAC Platform is a Multi-Blockchain consisting of a global primary blockchain, MotherChain™, and additional MicroChains™. Using blockchain sharding technology, a MicroChain™ functions as a child blockchain within the platform that operates above the global MotherChain™, and is responsible for Smart Contracts management. MicroChains™ also enable high volume transactions using a variety of consensus systems. Consensus systems are an agreement system that provides accountability and verification of transactions.

The platform’s advanced layered Multi-blockchain architecture increases overall transaction processing speeds up to 100x faster (TPS) than existing blockchain platforms. Meanwhile, MicroChains™ enhance token concurrency rates up to 10,000 times, for a truly scalable solution.

MicroChains™ significantly reduce the cost of smart contract operations and allow developers to rapidly test different application and service ideas. MOAC’s MicroChains™ are able to interconnect with all other non-MOAC blockchains using Cross-Chain capabilities. This allows both users and their decentralized applications (DApps) to migrate easily to the MOAC Platform, with no prior blockchain knowledge. It also provides a decentralized file storage solution which is currently missing from other major blockchains.

MOAC incentivizes mining as well as rewards for the entire ecosystem. The MotherChain™ uses a proven Proof of Work (PoW) model, similar to Ethereum, so that miners and mining pools have opportunities to participate in mining the MotherChain™. The MOAC Platform provides additional MicroChain™ mining and validation and provides mechanisms for mining from mobile devices, including smart phones.

By reducing the barrier to entry for both mobile users and server farms, the MOAC Platform offers a truly scalable ecosystem for developers and their Smart Contracts, enabling developers to create innovative DApps with lower operating costs, enhanced capabilities, and improved performance without a reduction in security.

April 2018
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